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**If you play golf, you know the best golf brands are always copied and sold as ‘originals’.
Rolex is one of the world’s best time pieces, but cheaper imitations (called ‘knockoffs’) are everywhere. Thriving industries across the globe work 24/7 to make imitations/copies of best-selling clothes, electronic devices, hunting/fishing equipment, and other items to be sold as ‘Originals.’ While this is clearly criminal behavior, we are also reminded of the saying “the greatest compliment of someone is to imitate them.” Who could count those who’ve been so inspired by another, that they spent their life imitating that person? In 1435, a German Bishop named Thomas a Kempis wrote a small instruction booklet for Christian seekers, titled “Imitation Of Christ.” It’s called the 2nd most profound writing for Christian seekers EVER. This Sunday let’s reflect upon the challenge of being living imitations of The Savior.
Read Philippians 3:17-4:1. See you Sunday!

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