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One of the most worn-out, beat-up, over-used words in religion is ‘salvation.’
Probably 90% OR MORE of professing Christians don’t really know what that means. Saved? From what? TO what? How? The term “Salvation” is all through the Gospels and after Christ’s reign and ascension. Have you ever had anyone ask you if you’d been saved? What did you say? Well, the term is NOT a broad, general catch-all descriptive process. Not at all. You pay your taxes, help little ladies across the street, make church 65% of the time, give to the Boy Scouts, don’t cheat on your spouse or beat your kids. So then, just WHY do you need to be saved and WHAT do you need to be saved FROM and HOW’S that done? Let’s examine the Journey Of Jesus and Saving Grace In His Name this Sunday. Read your scriptures first, Romans 10:8-13,and Phillipians 2:12-18. Can’t wait to see YOU and your guest!

       Sandalprints Toward The Cross

Lent I
“Salvation IS Specific”



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