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Join us THIS SUNDAY, April 26th! 
Have you ever wanted something really, really bad and then when you got it you found that maybe you didn’t want it so much? Yep. We’ve all been there. On vacations, children sometimes build up such anticipation about the destination that no matter how wonderful it might be, it’s still a letdown. Often people dream about getting that ‘right’ job in the ‘right’ town, only to discover once they’ve got it maybe what was going to be so perfect wasn’t so cool after all. I wanted badly to play high school football, in addition to track and baseball, so my Dad would whoop it up in the stands as I carried the ball for a TD. But when I put on those pads and some kid named “Killer” who was 40 pounds heavier flattened me 5 times in a row, I realized maybe football wasn’t such a heady goal after all.
     The Disciples wanted so badly to be a part of Jesus’ movement, but once in the thick of it the whole picture wasn’t as they had expected. We’ve all been there and got those tee shirts. Christianity is not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit. Untold numbers of church folks equate ‘going to church’ as ‘being a Christian’, and that couldn’t be any further from reality. Many assume a few hours (or just one!) on Sunday is OK and then you get back to living the same old way. Living as a Christian literally means LIVING AS THOUGH YOU WERE JESUS HIMSELF, and as the Bible says  ‘that gate is narrow and few indeed pass through it.’ Forgiving again and again, empowering others, standing up for unpopular but righteous ideas and causes isn’t what most folks can easily do. And that’s just the tip of the ‘Being Christian’ iceberg. So, do you really want to be Jesus as bad as you say? Let’s examine this on SundayRead Matthew 19: 16-24 and 26: 36-46.
Can’t wait to see you!
“But Did We Want It THAT Bad?”


**SOCKS! We need socks. The “Love Thy Neighbor Ministry” which is now feeding the homeless uderneath the I-10 bridge each moth also donates socks. Bring as many as you can, in bulk form for men and women, and place in the aisle this Sunday.

** Mother’s Day Children’s Home Offering coming up May 10th! You’ll receive reminders in the next Pastor’s Pen, but we support the awesome ministry of The Home every Mother’ Day.

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